Friday, August 2, 2013

New Job!

I accepted a job at Panera Bread this week. I filled out the application on Monday, got a call on Tuesday, and interviewed/was hired on the spot Wednesday. What a crazy turn of events!

I'm happy to finally find a job because:
1. Bills need to be paid, and we are already behind.
2. Classes start in 2 weeks.

I emailed my contact at IU Bloomington a few times during the past 2 weeks about the status of my application. After not hearing a peep since my interview, I decided I did not want to let Panera Bread go and went ahead and accepted the offer.

But Ashleigh, why Panera Bread? You are ridiculous for stooping down to such a low level. a few weeks I will be working 60 hour work weeks (Panera + teacher assistant at school) as well as taking a full load of Graduate cla
sses...after taking a semester off. I really did not want to wait any longer for a job. It's already going to be stressful starting classes back up again. If we would have had to pick up, move, and have me start a new stressful job + classes and lots of commuting....

Yeah. That's why. So no, not ridiculous. Smart. It's time to focus on my Masters and finish that up.

I'm actually really excited about this opportunity. It's as a shift supervisor. The first 90 days will mainly be training (learning all of the positions and duties). Once I get 2 employees trained, I'll be making salary instead of hourly (+ benefits!). I've always had strong leadership skills and I haven't been able to put them to work in the last year. I'm way too excited. I'm also thrilled to be meeting new people. After being in Noblesville for a year now, I have yet to meet many people. I did join a women's Bible study group this summer and made some friends! Now working at Panera, I feel like more friends will be made. So incredibly happy about this.

What's another perk? Free food! I won't get free food until I'm "officially" a manager, but they still offer a hefty discount on meals! It sounds like any leftover bakery items at the end of the night can go home as well - we will see what happens on Monday!

I am also thrilled to get out of the apartment. I love my time with Mia and the boys, but I've been stir crazy. My first day at Panera is Monday! There is a bread baking seminar and then they want me to stay and help close so I can see closing procedures (since I will mainly a day worker).

This is exactly where God wanted me and I couldn't be happier.