Sunday, October 20, 2013

We Moved!

Nothing has changed too much - life is crazy, as usual.

Last week, we moved! It's about time! After losing the house, we had to stay in our old (not so nice) apartment until we could get back on our feet and move - moving is expensive!

We did downsize - we had to if we wanted to stay in Noblesville (as well as in a nicer apartment). We traded our 2nd bedroom for a washer and dryer. It was worth it. We have made our dining room an office. Who needs a dining room when you're so busy anyway? We'll get some TV trays until kids come along, and we will be just fine! ;) I'll have to post pictures once everything is in it's place. We are also on the first story (we do NOT miss the third story stairs at all).

We ordered a new living room set two weeks ago. It could take up to 6 weeks to get here, so we are getting antsy. We can't wait! We were on a hand me down love seat sleeper sofa (that has been through 3 generations). We also had a hand me down recliner that had seen better days. We ordered a chaise sofa, rug, arm chair, and ottoman. We are relaxing in the bedroom for now, since we don't have any furniture out in the living room at the moment.

While it is great to get new furniture, it was even better that our old furniture went to a family in need (someone we didn't even know). We had to get rid of our sofa, chair, and dining room table before we moved. We sold the recliner, but couldn't get the table or sofa sold. I asked around at church and we got a private request from a single mom of 6 that they needed furniture because the ex-husband literally left them with nothing. It felt so great to give them furniture to get through this time. The sleeper sofa was also nice because it sounded like a lot of them were sleeping on the floor.

Anyways, back to the new place. Our shower/bath pooped out on us Friday night. The water was literally down to a trickle. Maintenance came and can't fix it until Monday - sounds like they need to suction out the pipe. All I can say is, I hope it's fixed tomorrow because I would LOVE to take a shower Tuesday morning. I've been taking baths (filling the tub from the kitchen sink - pot by pot), but I sure am thankful for showers. 

Mia also went trick-or-treating at PetSmart yesterday morning. She is Miss Piggy this year. ;)