Monday, October 1, 2012

Dating Your Husband (or Wife) - Date Night Jar

Here is the date night jar I made for my husband and I. We always have a hard time deciding on a date, so this was the perfect solution!


If you don't live in central Indiana, then some of these may not make sense. Some are region specific. Need some date ideas? I have 75 listed below. I'm sure you can find something. ;)

$ : green
(free or minimal cost)

1. Take out and board games 
2. 1,000 piece puzzle and pizza 
3. Popcorn and chick flick 
4. Make a dessert together 
5. Homemade pizzas & a romantic movie 
6. Read the Bible & discuss 
7. Bake cookies together
8. Go for a long walk 
9. Build a fort & have a picnic 
10. Lay in bed & put on music 
11. Breakfast in bed (for dinner) 
12. Twister (clothes are optional) 
13. Play Just Dance 
14. Drive to nowhere 
15. Go to Goodwill. Find gifts for each other under $5. Wrap & exchange. 
16. Pirates of the Caribbean movie marathon 
17. Borrow a movie from the library. 
18. Make homemade ice cream 
19. Start a game tournament 
20. Swing at the park 
21. Go to the Dollar Store. Pick out a gift for each other. Wrap & exchange. 
22. Play Little Big Planet 
23. Play Super Mario
24. At home massages 
25. Watch our wedding video & look through pictures 

$$ : blue
(little to moderate cost)

1. Dinner and a movie (his choice) 
2. Dinner and a movie (her choice) 
3. Dessert only date 
4. Bowling 
5. Go to an arcade 
6. Go-carting 
7. Visit a winery 
8. See a local band 
9. Go to a new restaurant 
10. Go to Walmart. Pick out most romantic gift for each other under $20. Wrap & exchange. Must be used that night.
11. Putt-putt. 
12. Order a massive sized ice cream and split it 
13. Happy hour at a local bar 
14. Get ingredients for a new recipe and make at home 
15. Go to Starbucks. Relax and talk about the day. 
16. Enjoy a milkshake with two straws
17. Play with Legos
18. Go to the drive in 
19. Go to a shooting range 
20. Buy a new DVD and light some candles 
21. Holy Cow Cupcakes trip! 
22. Pinterest craft night 
23. Start a scrapbook (or finish up the current one) 
24. Clean out & organize room of choice 
25. Get a book on origami. Fold away! 

$$$ + planning : purple
(pricey and require some planning)

1. A night at Sybaris 
2. Dinner at a fancy restaurant 
3. Hotel stay for the night 
4. Weekend getaway (his choice) 
5. Concert and dinner (his choice) 
6. Concert and dinner (her choice) 
7. Go to the zoo 
8. Dress up and have dinner in Indy 
9. Go see a play or performance 
10. Visit a museum 
11. Go to a local sporting event 
12. Restaurant hop. Different places for appetizer, main course, and dinner. 
13. Couples massages 
14. Take a class together 
15. Go camping 
16. Go to a race track (horse, drag, etc) 
17. Go to a symphony 
18. Ride in a hot air balloon 
19. Dinner theater 
20. Weekend getaway (her choice) 
21. Head to the casino 
22. Go to the mall. Pick out an outfit for each other. Wear it to the next dinner date. 
23. Dinner at St. Elmo's 
24. Jump out of a plane together (skydiving) 
25. Cabin for the weekend in southern Indiana.

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