Friday, September 27, 2013


My new job is awesome.

School is awesome.

The family is awesome.

Life in general is just...awesome.

Sorry for the short and somewhat lame post. I don't really have any updates. I don't miss Facebook and life is awesome. The end. :)

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Deleting Facebook/Twitter, New Job, and Life Update

To put it simply: life has been crazy lately.

This week, I have been asking God to show me how I can spend more time with Him. Facebook and Twitter have been bringing me down lately. To be honest, I don't gain anything from them. I have deactivated my accounts before, but this time...I really mean it. I'm a day without them so far, and I honestly don't miss it. I've had more time to enjoy the little things today instead of mindlessly scrolling through posts that don't benefit me at all. I've spent today catching up on homework, but I'm hoping Monday I can start reading my Bible daily again.

I have been working at Panera Bread the past month, while still applying and interviewing for industry jobs. After interviewing, I accepted a part-time position at Westlund Concepts in Lapel. This week was my first week there, and honestly, I love it. I am working on graphic design and front-end web design as needed. I am still working at the university as a teacher's assistant. Panera left me on the roster to fill shifts if they need someone to come in - I loved it there and wasn't ready to completely leave.

We also got a new apartment (finally)! We are downsizing, but it is perfect for what we need. We're on the first floor, so Mia will have a yard she can pee in. They also have a bark park for her that is only a few minute walk away! They have a pool...which is closed for the season, but it will be nice next summer!! And, drum roll, the best part is a washer and dryer! We are moving in 3 weeks, so the crazy packing and organizing has begun!

Mia and the boys are doing well. The boys are growing so fast! Bo is about 9 lbs now, and Oscar is 8 lbs. Mia just turned 1 last week and is 19 lbs now! Everyone is nice and healthy (except for my allergies kicking in)...

Couldn't ask for better. <3